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Interstate Asphalt Corporation is an asphalt marketing company supplying performance grade asphalt products to the Chicago and Midwest region. At Interstate Asphalt we not only manage change we expect it. During 2008, one of the most challenging seasons ever for asphalt marketers, we supported our customers’ needs 100% on spec, on time, every time.

Interstate Asphalts network of terminals is specifically engineered to receive, store and ship liquid asphalt by barge, rail and truck throughout the year. We have an asphalt storage capacity of over one hundred thousand liquid tons that supports our customers’ needs. We are certified to supply asphalt with State Departments of Transportation in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Combined State Binder Group that includes Iowa and Wisconsin.

The terminals we utilize store and ship many of the same performance grade asphalt products so that in the event of planned maintenance or unplanned shutdown, we can still support our customers’ needs. In addition to the planned redundancy in our terminal network, we offer the immediate use of a dedicated truck fleet to respond to the unplanned needs of our customers and suppliers.

Interstate Asphalt develops and maintains longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our comprehensive safety program is another one of the key elements we use to achieve this objective. We strive to operate in a 100% safe working environment. A safe operation keeps us competitive, and we can pass those savings along to you.

Our strategic purpose is simple and straight forward: meet the needs of our customers.

Asphalt is our only business and we understand it thoroughly.


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