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Interstate Asphalt provides our customers and suppliers with seamless services to assure that our goal of 100% satisfaction is achieved every time.

Product Supply
The supply team at Interstate Asphalt works diligently to find quality product at the most competitive prices in the market.

Interstate Asphalts customers’ inventory is stored in clean, well maintained, certified bulk liquid storage terminals.

Interstate Asphalts transportation network is extensive and multi-modal. We have the capability to transport product from our suppliers to our terminals and customers by road, rail and water.

Interstate Asphalt maintains significant quantities of quality product in inventory as we are supplied by refineries utilizing large volume barge shipments. We can also deliver product to our customers by barge when needed.
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Interstate Asphalt owns and manages a large fleet of railcars that can hold up to 100 tons of liquid asphalt per car. This provides thousands of tons of rolling, liquid storage that is distributed throughout our terminal network on an ongoing basis. These modern cars are engineered with an expansive coil system that greatly reduces heating time and the associated costs, thereby allowing us to move product in and out of our terminals efficiently and cost effectively. If the rail movie is not loading, try the Windows Media Player version

Interstate Asphalt has access to a network of approved, certified common carriers to serve our customers needs on time, on spec, every time. We are also able to work with your preferred carrier. In addition, we have exclusive access to a fleet of tanker trucks dedicated to liquid asphalt hauling, giving us the flexibility to deliver to our customers any product at any time. If the truck movie is not loading, try the Windows Media Player version

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